Have you used ccache?

Have you used ccache? From the Samba project originally, it’s a tool that carefully intercepts calls to GCC and returns cache object files if applicable; otherwise it invokes GCC itself and caches the results. It’s awesome when you frequently clean + rebuild the same project with only minor changes in between (e.g. autobuilds)

I just learned about a similar tool that works with Microsoft Visual C++. The readme recommends creating a cl.bat and putting it on the path, so it’s not clear to me how it would integrate with the devenv.com or the MSVS IDE. Maybe py2exe to make an actual cl.exe?


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  1. Great to see that somebody became aware of clcache! 🙂 I’ve been talking to a few users recently who use clcache with the IDE and it seems that the IDE actually allows specifying the directory in which the compiler binary (and a batch file such as cl.bat is apparently considered a compiler binary, too) is stored.

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