8 replies on “We went camping this weekend at a state park about an hour from home.”

  1. Thomas Landmann I mostly agree, but I didn’t chance it with two children sharing the tent. We have had BAD luck with such gambles in the past. (“There’s not a cloud in the sky, we don’t need the fly” then awake to a sudden midnight downpour) So my wife did the round-trip back home to get it while I made dinner. She almost just stopped at Walmart and bought a cheap new one (weighing the gas+time cost vs. the tent cost) but opted for just fetching ours.

  2. Well, at least it was only an hour away (and an hour back.. .DOH). It was the weekend for such things, I left my laptop at my dad’s house and got halfway home before I had to turn around and go back for it… turned a 1hr return into a 2hr return. Ugh!

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