I’m really getting frustrated with Mac OS 10.7. Apple made a number of behavioral regressions in apps that I use daily.

– The curses support in Terminal is badly broken: if you make it wider than 90 columns, then “man man” wraps completely wrong. You have to do “man man | more” to fix it.

– The new default to reopen the last viewed docs on app launch is horrible. If you quit with a dozen PDFs open, then relaunching Preview is glacial. Likewise for MS Word.

– Dragging messages in used to show a cool summary of the messages as the drag cursor. They changed it to a generic envelope icon, so I’m less confident that I’m dragging the right messages.

On the other hand, the all-corners resize is fresh air.

Another nice feature: Apple centralized scanning into Preview rather than each scanner manufacturer writing their own GUI code. Good riddance to the CanoScan and HP Scan Pro apps I used to use!

The other changes are mostly neutral to me so far.

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  1. There is a pref for annoyance 2 in the General pane. Apple’s pushing the document-centric model as far as they can with app auto-quitting and this document re-loading. I’ve tried to retrain myself to just use Control-W instead of Control-Q when I’m done with a window and just ignore the app layer. We’ll see if it sticks…

    I do like it when I have to reboot, though.

  2. I’m with you on the ‘re-open random crap you had open previously’ feature. It really slows down a lot of app launches and it’s simply not the way I work! I also have a feeling that I am not using the ‘unlock’ and versioning of docs/files that they’ve built in.

  3. Ironically, that’s increasingly the way I work, even though I haven’t upgraded to Lion yet. I got addicted to TextWrangler’s habit of re-opening all previously open text files (it helps that it’s fast).

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