This is a tiny thing, but it makes me so happy.

This is a tiny thing, but it makes me so happy. On my Mac, I have a nice play/pause button that controls iTunes whether it’s foreground or not. I lacked that on Windows until I came across this solution (cribbed together from many partial solutions).

* Install AutoHotkey (free, open-source,

* Add a shortcut to it in Startup

* Run it, and replace the default script with the following

* Right-click, Reload Script

Then the “Pause/Break” button acts as play/pause for iTunes. It’s nicer than Mac because it has near zero latency, unlike Mac where it can take up to 5 seconds to take effect…

#SingleInstance force

DetectHiddenWindows, on



   ControlSend, ahk_parent, {space}, iTunes ahk_class iTunes 


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  1. Haha, my college who sits next to me automates almost everything with AutoHotkey. Its really interesting to watch him working with all this macros. I wonder if he is still able to work on a machine which doesn’t have his custom shortcuts.

  2. Daniel Kuffner – I used to be like that! 🙂 I find that with every new machine I get, I need to customize a little less as default software gets more sane and feature-rich.

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