New security rules

New security rules

“Banks are now advising parents to think carefully before naming their child’s first pet. For security reasons, the chosen name should have at least eight characters, a capital letter and a digit. It should not be the same as the name of any previous pet, and must never be written down, especially on a collar as that is the first place anyone would look. Ideally, children should consider changing the name of their pet every 12 weeks.”

3 replies on “New security rules”

  1. The stupid thing about this is that giving a bank the name of your first pet does not increase your security in the first place.  It only makes the bank’s customer service simpler, while making you less secure, since there’s a lot of people who may know the name of your first pet (especially if you have a public Facebook profile).

    I always treat the answers to these questions as additional passwords, and I pseudorandomly generate answers.  Sometimes my first pet’s name is a keyboard mash like “9te8ohgufs”, sometimes it’s done more programatically, giving results “gYh67dZa”, or sometimes it’s some unrelated word that just pops into my head at the time, like “Dolan”.  I record the “password” in my password app with everything else that needs to be kept secure.

  2. Chris Nandor – I usually take that approach too. But once I typo’d a password and had to verbally relate that random password over the phone… That was strange.

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