Try this out, it’s fun!

Try this out, it’s fun! Think of a couple of things that are related, put them in a google docs spreadsheet, then ctrl-drag the column and it auto-fills more example of related things. Sometimes it’s surprising what Google thinks your two things have in common.

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I should start doing this to generate project names.

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  1. This was very interesting. I find myself fascinated by their algorithm. I started with “apple” and “orange”, thinking I’d get a bunch of fruits. Instead, when I dragged, Google filled in with samsung, nokia, lg, motorola, htc, and blackberry. Despite typing it on an iMac, I didn’t think of Apple when I put it in (and didn’t know that Orange is a phone company in the UK).

    I tried apple and banana next. The first few fill-ins were fruits (orange, blackberry, strawberry), but then it mixed in the phone companies (nokia, lg, htc) and later some more fruits. It seemed a very mixed set to me.

    When I tried pear and pineapple, though, I just got a long list of fruits (including “apple”, which was the first thing added) and no phone/tech companies. 

    I tried spices with oregano and pepper. I got some spices, but also “butter”, “chicken”, “all herbs”, and “dinner”. 

    Next I tried colors, figuring that should be a fairly clean “set”. I started with red and blue. The next dozen items added were all fairly ordinary colors. Then I got “greyish green”, and “默认 风格” (no idea what that is), then some more regular colors mixed in with things like “jeans”, “fashion”, “Christmas” and, “water_v3” (huh?).

    Things got even stranger. I used some (male) names: Bob and Joe. The added set had some common names and then “cyberceltic”, “blog topics”, and “match previews”, among some other names. Very odd. Adding a larger starting set seemed to help. When I started with five names and then dragged, everything I got back was a name.

    I wish I could see the code/database for stuff like this.

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