Biking to the Madison airport

Biking to the Madison airport

Last week, I found a good route for bicycling to the local airport here in Madison. It’s mostly flat and quite low traffic, except for a stretch on Fordem which can be busy at commute time. The airport has lots of bike rack space in the southeast corner of the parking garage (the closest corner as you approach the airport).

A slightly shorter/faster route is along Sherman and Gorham, which I used for going back home, but that’s a more aggressive route.

Google Maps won’t find this exact route for you because it doesn’t know about the bike connector at Vahlen and International Ln — I’m off to file a report for that right now.

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  1. Another route includes the Starkweather Creek bike path through peaceful woods. Used to take it daily to work near the airport. Turn at Johnson on the sidewalk, and stay on Johnson after it splits into Sherman. Turn left on 4th St. and bike on paths through Demetral Park. Head to Kedzie and Myrtle St. – there’s a path across Aberg/Hwy 30 to the Starkweather Creek path. Near Anderson, the path takes a hard right towards MATC, opposite of the direction you want. Fortunately, there’s an abandoned road that continues straight to Anderson, if you’re willing to cross a grassy ditch. Turn left on Anderson, duck as planes fly overhead, then right on International.

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