In a review of the new iTunes 11, one quote struck me:

In a review of the new iTunes 11, one quote struck me:

“There’s still a 250,000 track limit, which can be a problem for serious music fans.”

Wow, 250,000? I have a hard time comprehending a collection that large. My own 4000 track music collection has reached the point where there’s some songs that I can’t remember which artist they belong to, which is disincentive to add more music. At 250k you must have artists you’ve never heard of.

Heck, in 6 years I’ve played just 47k tracks, counted via the following program:

perl -lne ‘$c+=$1 if /Play Count<\/key>(.*?)<\/integer>/; END{print $c}’ Library.xml

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  1. I have mover than 15,000 music tracks (and I know what most of them are :-), more than 500 movies, and almost 1,500 TV episodes.  I do not understand your “disincentive,” but I do consider my collection to be on the large side.

    Also, this is the script I use.  It’s deceptive since I have multiple media players that don’t always update the counts.

    perl MMac::Glue -le ‘$i = new Mac::Glue “iTunes”; $c += $_ for $i>prop(played_count => tracks => playlist => “Music”)->get; print $c’


  2. I consider myself a serious music lover. I play several instruments, and I had a brief career as a concert musician.

    I also have more than 15,000 music tracks. Most of it is “classical” music (except there’s almost none from the late 18th and 19th century). I have listened to all of them multiple times. I know a lot more music that I don’t have recordings of, and that I would love to get my hands on.

    Nevertheless, 250k is an order of magnitude more, and I can’t imagine ever collecting that many tracks.

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