Very clever idea: ski trails in Google Maps.

Very clever idea: ski trails in Google Maps. I probably would never use this because paper maps likely have more useful info in schematic form than an accurate map like this, but I like the idea nonetheless.

Now, cross-country ski trails (or simply hiking trails) at state parks/forests could be more useful.

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You just stepped out of the gondola into a strong wind at the peak. It’s cold and you’re weighing whether to drop into that powdery black diamond chute you’ve always dreamt of…or sliding down the nearest blue for hot cider at the base. 

With 38 new run and lift maps for some of the most popular mountains across the US and Canada, Google Maps can be your “go to” mountain guide. Whether you’re shredding Lake Louise or Whistler Blackcomb Resorts (see below), Google Maps  can help you find your way down the mountain to your next adventure. See you on the slopes!

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  1. It should pop up a tip that phones which get too cold won’t work.  Would might have saved me from this: – my Nexus One went from 30% to 0% and turned off right before I was about to note down a series of distances and bearings for use with the compass I was also packing.

    Also, Google Terrain’s radar altimetry data is far too coarse to be useful in many hilly areas.  With a good topographical map, 1:50000 or better you can pretty much navigate by the shape of the ground and the contour lines on the map, even if you can’t see the horizon.

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