Wow, this is interesting.

Wow, this is interesting. Ubuntu is planning to drop X and skip over Wayland to make their own display server called Mir, optimized for low power and diverse screen sizes. They’re providing backward compatibility via a rootless X that is a client of Mir. Even more interesting to me, they’re switching from Nux/GTK+ to Qt/QML. They’re reusing the input stack from Android for mobile, and focusing on OpenGL for output.

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After extensive assessment of our options, we are building our own Display Server for #ubuntu, called Mir – see and the spec at – we are also planning on porting Unity to Qt/QML to make development more efficient across our wider convergent strategy – see for more details

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  1. This would be more interesting if it were clear that Canonical understood how X or Wayland worked and were making this decision based on some technical merit, but its not.

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