Good stuff from this weekend:

Good stuff from this weekend:

* BarCamp Madison was fun ( My favorite session was a fully-blind user,@kevinrj, demonstrating how he uses his iPhone. He runs it with screen brightness set to 0% (which saves a lot of battery!) and with voice-to-text at the fastest speed. He showed us some terrible alt-tag and nav fails in some native iOS apps (like a button named “Button” and a header image named “logo.jpeg”). He raved about some of the GPS-centric apps, including the very-cool BlindSquare that uses FourSquare data to let you know what interesting locations are near you.

* Ride the Drive ( is a Madison event where they close city streets to cars a couple of times each summer. This weekend’s ride was right on my regular bike commute — good because it was close to home, bad because it wasn’t novel. The weather was perfect and the course was pretty full of people and vendors. One interesting tidbit: Madison police have cards (like baseball cards) for all of their work animals. We got one of Bubba, a HUGE horse (Percheron/Clydesdale mix breed) whose shoulder was several inches above my head.




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