“What’s your greatest weakness?”

“What’s your greatest weakness?”

“Probably my lack of a rigid exoskeleton. My soft exterior is easily pierced and then my insides leak out. It’s super gross.”


What do you think, Andy Lester? Are humorous answers to impossible interview questions a net win or loss?


One reply on ““What’s your greatest weakness?””

  1. “I’ve never gotten around to learning JavaScript, but I’ve started working my way through such-and-such book to try to get a feel for it.”  You give something that you want to improve in, and then say what you’re doing to improve it.

    I say no to humor, because anyone who’s going to ask that question is probably thinking that he’s going to actually get something out of it.

    See also http://blog.smartbear.com/how-to/bad-tech-job-interview-questions-and-how-to-answer-them/

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