Republic + Moto X week 1

Republic + Moto X week 1

So far I’m disappointed with the VOIP call quality from Republic Wireless. I get a nasty lag (like a bad overseas call, maybe 500 ms) all the time, even when I’m the only one using the home network. I’ve experienced about the same on wi-fi at work too.

It’s likely my wifi router+DSL buffering is at least partially at fault, but I’ve had much better latency with G+ hangouts through the same WAN connection (best case measurements: 60-70 ms ping times, and ~2 ms jitter), so I know it’s not entirely my end’s fault. To be thorough, I’m going to fiddle router QoS settings and test on other people’s networks to find out if there are remedies on my end.

Aside from voice, though, I really really really like the Moto X. As an android device I like it even more than my Nexus 7.

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  1. Cool, the phone has a checkbox to allow manually switching from wi-fi to cell. Forcing the call to cell, the quality is excellent with almost zero lag. Cell voice quality seems much better than my previous phone — still Sprint, but perhaps a different frequency? The wi-fi to cell handoff was imperceptible.

    (I feel pretty foolish with my landline on one ear and my cell on the other ear and walk around the house saying “test … test … test”)

  2. Brad Leege, I haven’t played with the camera that much yet. I’m not anywhere near a photog connoisseur, so take with a grain of salt that to me the picture quality seems excellent/adequate. I do like the shake-the-phone-to-launch-the-camera-app feature. 

    So far I really love the phone. I’m coming from a mid/low-end HTC ICS phone and the Nexus7 for comparison. The N7 always felt stuttery (cheap flash storage, people say) but the MotoX feels perfectly fluid. The MotoX feels nexus-like in cleanness of the Jellybean UI (mine is 4.2.2 still).

    My biggest gripe so far is a minor one. The Google Jellybean keyboard occasional misses my swype-like gestures. My Froyo and ICS phone both had an actual Swype app which was flawless, but both the motox and my N7 keyboards are laggy and I have to pause to let them keep up every once in a while.

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