I’ve been a big fan of Google Keep’s utter simplicity ever since the day it was released.

I’ve been a big fan of Google Keep‘s utter simplicity ever since the day it was released. But today I’m finally giving up on it for lack of sharing capabilities — sharing holiday shopping notes with my spouse was the last straw. It was just one feature shy of perfect for me…

I considered just using a private shared Google Doc, but opted for Evernote instead despite its overwrought UI. Has anyone else found a better solution?

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  1. Just the other day I was wanting to “send” a website to Keep but would have to copy and paste. I am wondering though if you using it via computer or mobile, the former is very limited. In Android there does seem to be ways to share with others. I do agree with you this is a big limitation. I envision a world where I have “My Keeps” and “Keeps shared with me” with the ability to control access and permissions. Call me a dreamer.

  2. I haven’t looked to much at Keep since I have several fillers and a great work flow with Evernote. Can you make folders or group “keeps” together like a group for recipes one for owners manuals?

  3. Think Gmail and archive with search to find notes. I actually like that, I think folders, labels, and tags end up being too time consuming. The only “organization” Keep has is color of notes. I do love the GPS integration, every time I  am at Woodman’s my phone vibrates and up pops my shopping list.

  4. Okay. I like separate notebooks in Evernote. My general notebook is a hodgepodge of everything I shirt with searches and tags, but my inebriety notebook just had info about iTunes I own, recipes and journal notebooks are self-explanatorily.

  5. Alice and I keep a shared Evernote notebook for these things, including the Christmas shopping list. I love Evernote, been a premium subscriber for years.

    What characteristics would a “better than Evernote” solution have?

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