Tire stretching time

Tire stretching time

My wife suffered a baffling mechanical failure on her bike this week. She got a flat on her rear (studded) tire. Being in a hurry to fetch kids, she decided to try to ride on it. That quickly proved impossible so she locked the bike up and jogged home.

That night, I picked up her bike and set to fixing the flat. However, the tire no longer fit on the rim. Huh? It was way too big and wouldn’t stay clinched. I was perplexed — she’d ridden on this tire since I swapped slicks for studded back in November.

So what changed this 700mm tire to a ~710mm? Does anybody have a theory? I don’t know if the stretched tire caused the flat or was a consequence of the flat (or riding it flat).

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  1. The rim seems to be just fine. I switched to another tire, and all is well. The flat was a little pinch on the side, IIRC, like half of a snakebite. Not a blowout or a piercing.

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