[Update: Oh, I’m so deeply happy to learn that this news report is fake.

[Update: Oh, I’m so deeply happy to learn that this news report is fake. I was unfamiliar with Borowitz and did not realized that his blog is Onion-like satire. Nonethless, I’m still disappointed with the way the real media handled this story, but at least it’s not as bad as I thought.]

Oh, I really should just let this go, but this is too much to bear. This topic has been driving me crazy for the last several days. I find it so hard to even believe that someone can be so rabidly anti-science. Even the The Christian Science Monitor, which usually has a very rational take on modern reporting, has called this black hole news “shocking”.


It’s not a reversal but a refinement of an earlier, simpler model of a black hole’s event horizon. Instead of treating the black hole as a simple point mass with a smooth edge, this idea tries to take into account turbulence and greater quantum effects at the edge. This is not at all a denial of the existence of a black hole — not even remotely — but a more nuanced view of what we would see if we could be in the vicinity of one.

It’s not shocking. It’s just science. Scientists are expected to refine their earlier, simpler theories.

If the article linked below is real and not just flamebait or hoax, then I have to conclude that Bachmann and Lamar Smith are being intentionally evil via their self-serving sound bites, because I just can’t comprehend how a person at their level could be so intentionally ignorant.

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Someone please tell me The Onion hacked +The New Yorker.


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