Nice. I hadn’t seen the GM ad before this (oh wow what a tacky message). Ford’s retort is a little heavy handed but the conflict is very entertaining.

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Cadillac’s recent ELR ad says that America is great because we work really hard so we can buy stuff, like Cadillacs. Ford’s rebuttal is great.

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  1. Heh, I just saw in The Atlantic:

    And yet, the ads share a core value: work, and work hard. After all, they both begin with essentially the same lines: “Why do we/I work so hard? For what?” For Cadillac, the answer to that question is “all that stuff.” For Ford, it’s “to make the world better.” The justifications for a hard-working life are night and day …

    No, they are not.  That’s what so many people just don’t understand, the fact that working hard for all that stuff is for the purpose of making the world better.  The author then writes, … we see a different vision of America—one that values its idealists, not its crass materialists …

    It’s a nonsensical distinction.

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