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If generalized, I think this is a fascinating idea: headphones and other peripherals all go through a single jack. Basically, USBification of headphones. The advantages are: 1) fewer jacks means less hardware and lower cost; 2) fewer open holes for water/dust; and 3) [most important I think] move the D/A converter out of the phone and away from the antenna. And really, who uses headphones while the phone is charging anyway?

The Lightning connector detail is a questionable choice in the long run, but the only viable one for Apple today. When the new symmetric USB plug and faster spec becomes the norm, I think the Lightning port will look like a dead end. I for one would like to see Android do the same thing with USB.

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Still a rumor, but Renganathan Ramamoorthy discussed this idea week or so back. Interesting and frustrating at the same time.

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