Nice. This video essay does a great job of refuting the idea that technology can transform education, and instead argues that education is bottlenecked by what goes on in the student’s head. So, inspiring the student is much more important than optimizing the flow of information. That rings true to me.

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This is superb.

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  1. I remember years ago I was acting chair of my town’s Finance Committee and we gave recommendations to the town on budget and capital expense items. Another guy on the committee was fairly liberal, unlike me, but — like me — was a software professional and author. He also taught programming classes.

    There was a capital expense request for $100K or so to buy a “mobile computer lab” for the school. I and the other computer guy recommended against it, saying the value wasn’t equal the cost, that most families had computers and all the town had access to them at the public library, and so on.

    But a very nice elderly man got up in the town meeting and pointed out that computers are the future, and kids are the future. It passed overwhelmingly. And I doubt anyone’s better off for it.

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