planets += 1284;

planets += 1284;

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1247 New exoplanets confirmed!

“Today, researchers on NASA’s Kepler planet hunting mission didn’t announce one new interesting planet, as they usually do. Instead, they announced about 1,200 of them.

That more than doubles the number of confirmed planets in the catalog. As of yesterday, the listed number stood at 1,041 confirmations. The new planets aren’t a result of the K2 mission, though. Instead, it’s about new software that enabled Kepler researchers to parse out the signal from noise in candidate planets.”

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  1. Darshnik Deep Not billions of LY. Kepler only looks at nearby, bright stars so most of the discoveries are within a couple thousand LY. You could make the same argument that there’s no point studying Pluto since we’re unlikely to send a human there in the next hundred years.

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