Wow, the future is coming quickly.

Wow, the future is coming quickly… This article discusses the state of the art of predicting macroscropic features (hair color, age, ethnicity, adult height, etc) from human DNA. Many of the categories have very low accuracy today, but it’s interesting which of them are the most feasible (age, to my surprise, seems to be one of the more accurate due to methylation) and which of them are most likely to improve in the near future with more research.

BTW Promega is a local company here in the Madison, WI area. I did a tiny bit of work for them almost 15 years ago.

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The Reality of DNA Phenotyping by @promega What can be said about appearance from DNA #sciseekpicks Promega Corpor…

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  1. Love the Gattica reference. Truely great movie, top 20 for me of all time.

    Underappreciated in its day, but foreshadows a possible future for humanity where we “create” our children.

    Couples do a “dna check” on each other to make sure the partner has good genes, before they even date!

    The few left who were born without modified genes are condemned to live as laborers and can never rise up in society.

    There is only way to have success as a “de-gene-erate”, they must borrow an identity and hide their genetics in order to “reach the stars”

    Gattica takes phenotyping to its inevitable conclusion. Great movie and inspiring despite its dark “perfectionist” undertone.

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