Satisfy my curiosity please!

Satisfy my curiosity please!

This collection reached 100,000 followers yesterday. Thanks for the encouragement! I just post here whatever I find interesting, and apparently a lot of people have the same taste in science topics that I do.

But I’m curious how many of you are reading this regularly?

If you read this on or before June 12th, please +1 this post just so I can see how many are actually reading.

3 replies on “Satisfy my curiosity please!”

  1. Chris you need to try and set up some sort of paranormal society, and hunters, especially when it comes down to aliens and mythical creatures. I’d join most defo! Someone has to have balls of steel, and a nut case like me ain’t scared of shit. Gotta try talking to unbunked beings and where they were last seen. Investigation investigation!!

  2. Chris I’m a very truthful and honest about what I said in my last email about a society or hunters for the paranormal, I’m an Englishman and would like to to get some proof to show these so called government’s, we are a group that mean to show proof, STANDARD! I’m know joke fella, remember that chris? !!!!

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