WOW! Now that is a really interesting theory: a giant asteroid triggers a massive oil fire that blocks sunlight with soot. What a horrific time to be alive if that theory is right.

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“Sixty six million years ago, the dinosaurs suddenly disappeared, along with most of the species on the planet. The extinction occurred at precisely the same time that a giant asteroid struck the Earth. The fact that the two events happened at the same time makes it all but certain that the asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs, but just how did that extinction happen? Was it dust, shot into the sky, blocking out the sun? Acid rain produced by sulphur vaporised during the impact? An inferno of hot debris?

A new study may get us closer to solving this mystery. The asteroid struck the Yucatan Peninsula, a region with vast quantities of crude oil buried underground. New data shows that the burning of the oil produced billions of tons of soot, enough to dim the sun for years and lead to a decade of global cooling.

The Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-Pg) extinction event was severe, wiping out over 75% of all species, including not just dinosaurs but also many birds, mammals, snakes, lizards, plants, and even insects. It was global, hitting all continents and all oceans. And it was rapid, with species seeming to vanish overnight.”

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  1. The paradigm that certain questions are more engaging and valuable than answers…makes solving a hypothesis much more than deciding on the most probable theoretical conclusion.

    Data streams are never exhausted, which means that a theory is never absolute.

    Do I need a PhD to comprehend that?

  2. What about those rocks with dinosaur drawn on them. How did man draw dinosaurs on rock if they had never seen one? And that that human foot fossil inside a dinosaurs foot fossil. Wouldn’t it be impossible for a human foot fossil the fossilized with a dinosaurs foot fossil if they didn’t exist together?

  3. Chris Dolan I don’t know I saw some Inca rocks some old Inca rocks with the Dinosaurs inscriptions. I just found it interesting that human beings true dinosaurs if they never saw and how could they draw one that’s all just a thought no need to trip

  4. Yeah those are the ones. Well I guess we have a choice to make on which to believe, since you or I do not have the equipment nor the expertise nor access to the stones to test them ourselves and witness our findings. We’re reduce to make a choice on which side to believe. I presume you believe the hoax to solidify what you’ve been taught your whole life the Earth is millions of years old. For me I believe that they are real, to solidify my review that the Earth is only thousands of years old. I chose believe that man and dinosaurs live together. You’re entitled to believe your way and I’m entitled believe my way. Hopefully we can agree to have mutual respect for one another. take care brother!

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