Yet another ocean discovered in our solar system!!

Yet another ocean discovered in our solar system!!

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“A subsurface ocean lies deep within Saturn’s moon Dione, according to new data from the Cassini mission to Saturn. Two other moons of Saturn, Titan and Enceladus, are already known to hide global oceans beneath their icy crusts, but a new study suggests an ocean exists on Dione as well.

In this study, researchers of the Royal Observatory of Belgium show gravity data from recent Cassini flybys can be explained if Dione’s crust floats on an ocean located 100 kilometers below the surface. The ocean is several tens of kilometers deep and surrounds a large rocky core. Seen from within, Dione is very similar to its smaller but more famous neighbor Enceladus, whose south polar region spurts huge jets of water vapor into space. Dione seems to be quiet now, but its broken surface bears witness of a more tumultuous past. The study is published online this week in Geophysical Research Letters.”

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  1. Jako lijepo stalno se otkriva nekaj novog.Samo me zanima dali ima još stvari koje se taju od nas. Bilo bi lijepo kad bi stvarno mogli znati sve kaj je otkriveno, a ne da se stvari skrivaju i taje. Među milijunima galaksija teško je vjerovati da samo mi postojimo u cijelom svemiru.Mislim da i debili znaju da nije tako pa dajte već jednom otkrijte nešto!!?

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