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  1. Randolph Garrison Can you be any more shrill? Time and time again, this theory has been debunked. It’s a money maker for scientists looking to make a cozy life for him or herself from grant money. It’s how the game is played.

    Only the sun determines the changes to the environment on earth. If you have any issue, it’s with the sun.

  2. Randolph Garrison I’ve held this position for years, before Trump got involved on the political stage.

    In your case, you shouldn’t fall prey to so many easy cons. I hope you didn’t send money.

  3. Randolph Garrison please do not feed the troll. He’s just trying to get us to waste our energy by injecting absurd ideas into these comments. Why else would he be engaging with me?

  4. Climatechange has been a factor since before man, before any life. Telling us that we can stop the change and it is caused by us ( mankind) are lies we will not survive as long we believe we can control nature only way is what we do better than any, adapt and make the changes work as new possibilities. Not the end to anything but long winters at least for a period.

  5. “Climatechange has been a factor since before man, before any life.”

    Many other things existed before man:

    Species extinction. Pollution of fresh water. Erosion. Fire.

    The mere fact these existed before man says nothing about man’s ability to do the same things. Nor does it say that we can’t stop doing the things that we cause.

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