Exciting! A contact binary is spinning faster and faster as the two stars are approaching a merger. The actual merge is predicted for 2022 +/- a couple of years. If the prediction is correct, we’ll probably get more accurate estimates as we get closer to the event. The binary star system likely will brighten from about 12th magnitude currently (too dim to be seen by eye) to an easily-visible star in Cygnus.

Update: I just noticed that my grad school friend Chip Kobulnicky is one of the collaborators on this project. Cool!

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Star predicted to explode in 2022 http://bit.ly/2i06CyL

When and if 2 stars in the KIC 9832227 binary system merge – as predicted – they’ll increase in brightness 10 thousandfold, temporarily becoming a bright star in Earth’s sky.

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  1. Chris…has this been recorded like this Before? I pray that we will be able to see it happen, how exciting that would be. I am 73 so I can keep my wish going for a while. Thank you for sharing your work.

  2. Nancy E. Perrine not my work, just resharing some news. The article says astronomers caught a previous one after it happened, and looking back at historical images they think the current one will follow the same evolution. Not 100% certain, but pretty exciting if it turns out.

  3. Hi Chris am interested a lot in that complicated science but what limits me in the setting of my country Uganda. wish you the best in new findings.


    Modo Sam.

  4. Diptoneel De good question. my (limited) understanding is that the merger will cause a brightening that will last a long time. So it should be visible to nearly everyone on the planet, except maybe for people very deep the southern hemisphere

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