Pretty much all of our food crops are genetically modified.

Pretty much all of our food crops are genetically modified. Most of them were modified by simple (or maybe not so simple!) breeding instead of direct DNA manipulation, of course. Cool pictures in this article´╗┐

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The banana was indeed created…but not by divinity

Humanity has been modifying living things for thousands of years. By encouraging certain genetic traits and thwarting others, we’ve drastically altered the forms of fruits, vegetables, and animals, domesticating them into what we now think of as their natural forms.

Those of you who’ve read Michael Pollan’s book The Botany of Desire will already be familiar with this process, where humans and plants are linked in a symbiotic genetic dance. But pictures say a thousand words…

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  1. Melvin Cordovez Okay…Firstly, you presume a who. The issue with this is that we can trace the evolution of the unhindered banana given the proper amount of time to do so. Secondly, the banana you see in the image, unhindered by human manipulation, in inedible by human beings…so if there is a ‘who’, then they did a horrible job looking out for us…

  2. There is a great gulf of difference between N A T U R E

    created and man made — Once you devour G M O s

    ( like fruits and vegetables etc. ) , your life span will be

    shorter — Remember , it’s not your regulated dieting

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