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  1. Hey Mr.Dolan off topic a bit but I wanted to ask you your opinion on what do you think the best telescopes for observing everything from planets to nebula, and galaxies i,ve got a 12 inch newton on my mind but you have experience in this so I would vault your opinion in this very much before I go sinking 2 to 5 grand in a tele.and then it doesn’t perform like I want thank you for your time Mr.Dolan

  2. Dr.jeckel1 Mr.hyde2 For deep space objects aperture is king. Are you interested in visual astronomy, or astrophotography? Do you require the telescope to be portable? For visual observation a dobsonian telescope would be a good choice, 10″ or larger depending on how portable it needs to be.

  3. Thomas Landmann thanks for the advice I’m wanting gps track and possibly hooking up a camera to it and the computer so I can just control it from there and portable is wanted too I have a 130 newton now just wanting to upgrade so I can see deeper and clearer and with the gps system it helps alot just want something that gonna give me the best of both worlds so I don’t end up needing two or three different scopes

  4. Thomas Landmann I just took the time to check out a 16 inch dobsonian telescope go to model and their definitely a lot of bang for you buck there I would really like to find one that is wyfi ready with gps tracking so it can find itself to I’m talking it that I could still hook the computerized camera to it and view from my computer. So my question is do you have a preference on this matter makes, model, and manufacture?

  5. There are numerous “choosing a telescope” articles online, by people much more knowledgeable than I am. You might Google for some of these articles.

    That said, here are a few more opinions which I attribute to having read some of the mentioned articles, rather than significant personal experience.

    The 16 dob you mention would be awesome for visual observing of faint objects.

    Because of it’s size, you would need a larger vehicle (SUV/Van) if you wanted to haul it to a star party or dark skies area, and the effort to transport would be greater than it would be for a smaller telescope. That said, there is no substitute for aperture. 🙂

    You can hook a camera to any telescope, but for most astrophotography you need multiple long exposure photos while precisely tracking your subject. A goto dob will help you find things, but would probably only work well for bright objects which can be captured with very short exposure times.

    I hope my comments are helpful- but I encourage you to look up some of the articles I mentioned.

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