Amazing pictures!

Amazing pictures! This moon of Saturn has a remarkable ridge all along its equator. My understanding is that this is because it orbits amongst Saturn’s super-thin ring and it accumulates piles of ring material. Kind of like cosmic snowdrift or something (a weak analogy admittedly…)

Originally shared by Vladimir Pecha

Breathtaking snaps of Saturn´s moon

Cassini´s series of photos of small but very interesting moon Pan, captured on March 7 with incredible details!

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  1. You know that moon actually kinda of looks like a asteroid that got caught up in Saturn’s gravitational orbit then some were along the line began to collect ice crystals along the equatorial line somehow

  2. Kenan Yalcinoglu Jeff Michels – it’s about 35 km across, or about 22 miles. For comparison our Moon is about 3500 km diameter, or about 2200 miles. Tom Hume I love the croissant comparison 🙂

  3. Tilak Raj Sharma 1) it’s too small for self-gravitation to pull it into a spherical shape and 2) the material from Saturn’s rings has been piling up on it’s waist for maybe 100 million years (my guess, based on one estimate of the age of the rings, which is controversial)

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