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  1. Studying each type under a microscope, the dendritic ends are uniquely different due to their function. The relays between the ends and the synapse causes their functions to change. At any given moment, thousands of thoughts can be generated. This is called brainstorming and why the brain is constantly mapped.

  2. I would think that the butterfly effect not only applies to weather but to complex organisms. Everything has a pattern but unpredictability and chaos overrules eventually.

  3. I’m impressed with the latest scientific discovery and it’s indeed highly cerebral.

    No it’s not possible in similarity in Human neuronal body, the closest you can get to this would be a massive seizure.

    Let us reason it like this , there are neural pathways responsible for making you walk and neural pathways responsible for making you sit down.  Your body cannot do both at the same time.

    You remember Pacemaker neurons? There are responsible for firing at certain intervals to keep your heart pumping and your body breathing.

    Again some neurons are responsible for causing your body too fall asleep, others for making you enter REM sleep, others for you waking up, and still others for keeping you awake.  All of these systems cannot be active at the same time.

    Why because there are not the same make up and similarity.

    The regulation of the division of activity is very complicated.  It involves neurons exciting and inhibiting each other, neurons responding to external and internal stimuli, hundreds of different types of hormones being released, hundreds of different neurotransmitters and peptides being released, and much more.

    Indeed our neurons are not genetically the same in structures.

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  4. What do they mean by genetically? Their developmental lineage or sequnce based I’d methods or functionally … Ummm lemme read the article. I would think the statement would be true in all those contexts. I’ll read though super cool article. 🙂

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