23 replies on “These new pictures of Jupiter are AMAZING! The intricacy of the storm vortices is mesmerizing.”

  1. BisiLIFE Ahh, excellent question. The colors are likely tweaked and enhanced. I don’t know for sure with these particular pictures, but spacecraft often use color filters that aren’t the usual R, G, B of consumer cameras but instead enhance certain chemical signatures. It’s also likely that the contrast has been exaggerated to demonstrate the turbulence.

  2. Chris Dolan That’s no problem – in a world of multiple devices etc I think the public that are interested in astronomy/cosmology can handle the 20 different raw images

    At present it sounds as if the scientists are designing an image that suits their opinions. It reminds me of those books from the 80s that had a skull of an extinct animal and was therefore able to say what the phenotype is?

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